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Four Lee Co. teens charged with breaking and entering

Four Lee County teenagers are accused in a two-county theft ring. They were charged with breaking into cars in Lee County two weeks ago.

Now, two are charged with thefts in Dougherty County. Including stealing from cars at an Albany judge's home. Investigators say more arrests are possible.     

July 29th we told you about Albany Municipal Court Judge Ralph Scoccimaro's cars being broken into while parked in his garage.

That started information rolling to Lee Sheriff's Deputies and Dougherty County Police that broke up what they are calling a teenage theft ring.

This was the surveillance video as two crooks rifled through Judge Ralph Scoccimaro's house we showed you July 29th. 

Scoccimaro said "Immediately after that was aired, and the people were shown on my video cameras, I received a phone call.

Other people in Dougherty and Lee County were reporting the same style crimes.  August 1st a Lee County man spotted thieves at his home, and followed them getting the tag number of their car. 

That car was stopped by Deputies and 17 year olds Michael Lumpkin and Brianna Rogers, and two 14 and 15 year old teenage boys were arrested.

Scoccimaro said "These people have been on a crime spree for some time."

This is some of the loot they found inside the car.  Lee County Sheriff's Investigators called in Dougherty County police because some of the stolen items led to thefts there, including Judge Scoccimaro's house.

Dougherty County Police Jimmy Sexton said "GPS devices, computers, guns. It runs the gambit. Lot of electronics."

Now Lumpkin and one of the juveniles are charged with two break-ins, and more charges could be coming. Scoccimaro said "They had loads of stolen goods.  They were selling them at drug houses. So I'm quite happy."

Investigators are still following leads, two suspected drug houses in Dougherty and Lee County have been raided this week. 

Scoccimaro said it is sad the thieves are so young. Scoccimaro said "I'm glad we short circuited their criminal careers.  Perhaps we can turn them around at this point."

The Judge and Police agree this case just shows again that South Georgians working together taking back their streets, reporting suspicious activity, will stop criminals.

Scoccimaro said he is sad these teenagers really risked their lives breaking into people's cars at their homes.

He reminds young thieves that Georgians are tired of crime and are buying guns, and that they could have been shot.

Michael Lumpkin is still being held in the Lee County jail. Brianna Rogers is free on bond. The two juveniles were released to their parents. 

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