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Heat wave hurts corn crops across the nation


Extreme temperatures and drought conditions resulted in zero yields for dry land fields in Brooks County.

It's a totally different story for irrigated fields. The corn harvest in Brooks County has been from one extreme to another this year.

"Corn is a very unforgiving crop unlike cotton corn, you've got one shot maybe a two week window to make the crop," said Garvie Nichols, the Brooks County Agriculture Extension Agent.

For dry land farmers the drought and the heat caused them to not produce any corn.

"Without water you can't make a crop and we had a very severe dry spring this year," said Dowdy.

"If you did not have an irrigation system, myself included, it just didn't make anything," said Dowdy.

He also farms acres upon acres with irrigations systems and intensely manages his corn, producing strong yields.

"With a tough growing season, we had more than exceeded everybody's expectations," said Dowdy.

Dowdy won the Georgia state corn yield record this year.

"We had another hybrid go 325 after the recheck and had another 352 bushels to the acre," said Dowdy.

Corn does need hot temperatures but not more than 90 degrees. "Because of the sunshine we had and didn't have a lot of cloudy days and didn't have a lot of cloudy nights so the heat could escape at night and the fields cooled back down," said Nichols.

The right weather conditions coupled with adequate water can produce high quality yields.


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