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Hispanic student enrollment drops in Colquitt Co.

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Another apparent side effect of Georgia's new immigration law is now showing up in some school systems.

Over the past decade, Hispanic enrollment in Colquitt County Schools surged from 8% to 22% of the student population.

But this year, the number of Hispanic students dropped nearly 7%.

"I'm not in the position to designate reason. I think common speculation would be that it is somewhat the result of Georgia's new immigration law, but I don't know that. I just simply monitor the attendance of Colquitt County Schools and in this instance there's a lot of interest in what is happening with the Hispanic population."

Many Hispanics, especially migrant workers, are staying away from Georgia because of the state's new law that cracks down on illegal immigrants.

Despite the drop in Hispanic enrollment, overall enrollment in Colquitt County schools is up this year.

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