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Church to feed Albany

For the fifth year straight, the people of the First Apostolic Church in East Albany will hold a food drive.

The church will be partnering with Teleperformance USA and Feed the Children.

"Trying to get children fed and families fed really means a lot especially in a town like this, since it is considered very improvised and a lot of people aren't aware of that," said Teleperformance USA Representative Jessica Hermanson.

Not only will food be delivered, but basic hygiene products as well, such as toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant.

Hermanson says the food drive will help lift the spirits of the community especially in such economic uncertainty.

"It's just a big burden off of their shoulders to actually have someone help like that. I think that's a really big thing especially in this community," said Hermanson

The pastor at First Apostolic Church said the public won't even recognize the church Friday.

There will be a crowd of 400 people wrapped around the church and going out to the street.

Although hunger in the US is nothing compared to the current famine in Somalia, Hermanson says helping the community in your own back yard is just as important as helping people overseas.

"You see people across the world you want to help, but when they're right here in your own community it makes you feel that much better about really helping because it's like first hand," said Hermanson.

In order to receive a voucher to obtain food and supplies you must have proof of identification. Only the first 400 people will receive supplies starting at 10 Friday morning.

According to Forbes Magazine, Albany is one of the most impoverished cities in America. That's why organizers of the food drive say this matter really hits close to home.

Hermanson and the rest of the folks at First Apostolic hope for a great turnout Friday, and remember it is first come, first serve.

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