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Colorado sheriff issues report on Dougherty siblings

Dylan Dougherty Stanley Dylan Dougherty Stanley
Ryan Dougherty Ryan Dougherty
Lee Grace Dougherty Lee Grace Dougherty

From the Pueblo Co. Sheriff's Office-

On August 10, 2011 at 2:00 PM a press conference was held at the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. Present at the conference were Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor, Colorado Department of Public Safety Executive Director Jim Davis, Colorado State Patrol, Lt. Colonel Anthony Padilla and Captain Brian Lyons, FBI Special Agent Phil Niedringhaus and Sheriff Bruce Newman of Huerfano County.

At approximately 9:02 a.m. the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office along with the Colorado State Patrol were notified of a suspicious vehicle located on Highway 165 at Mile Post 14.  Tips were received from three people in the area, one of which was a retired law enforcement officer. 

The tips consisted of a white car like a Subaru Impreza but that the front plate was removed and it was backed in to a camp site.  Some witnesses indicated one site and another witness indicated a second site.  Both sites have been evaluated for evidence.  Both camp sites were located in the San Isabel National Forest, just inside the Fremont County line.

Deputies from the Pueblo, Fremont and Custer County Sheriff were dispatched with the Colorado State Patrol.  Other deputies were responding from Pueblo were also en route as back up.  A detective of the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Civil-Fugitive Division was in an un-marked vehicle and was exiting at mile marker 74 (Colorado City) and noticed a similar vehicle at the Texaco/Subway convenience store located just off Interstate 25. 

 A license plate confirmed that it was the same vehicle mentioned in news reports yesterday in Southern Colorado.  The Texas Plate  LCS909  was confirmed from an activation of Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC).  This information regarding suspects Lee Grace Dougherty age 29 and siblings Dylan Dougherty Stanley age 26 and Ryan Edward Dougherty age 21 were heavily reported by the media after an alleged sighting in Colorado Springs yesterday at a camping supply store.

Upon noticing law enforcement closing in, the female and two males left the Texaco and headed south on Interstate 25 towards Walsenburg.  Marked Colorado State Patrol Units took over the pursuit and speeds varied up to over 100 MPH.  At Mile Marker 68, shots were said to be fired from the suspect's vehicle at law enforcement officers in pursuit. 

At Mile Marker 52 and Interstate 25 the suspect vehicle crashed injuring one occupant who was subsequently placed into custody.  The female was armed and fled the vehicle into a ditch.  The female had an automatic weapon.   Law enforcement gave orders to drop the weapon and upon the disregard of this order, the female was engaged and was hit with gunfire sustaining non-life threatening injuries. 

The shooting is being fully investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  The third suspect fled, and he was placed into custody a short time later by law enforcement.  Injuries he sustained are not known as to being caused from the arrest or the traffic accident.  

All three suspects were checked at Spanish Peaks Hospital in Walsenburg and are expected to be housed at the Pueblo County Jail.  The injuries to the suspects are not believed to be life threatening.

All will be charged with appropriate criminal misconduct by the Colorado State Patrol, charges may include attempted murder of law enforcement officers, first degree assault and many traffic offenses.  The states of Florida and Georgia are also interested in the trio and their interstate criminal episode.  There are also federal warrants on the trio. 

Earlier reports of the suspects being observed in Pueblo West did prove to be erroneous, and other tips referring to visits in Canon City by the trio are being actively investigated for use by the FBI to establish their activities up to their arrest.

No law enforcement officers were injured during the various shots fired incidents with the trio.  They were heavily armed and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is continuing to review the camp site suspected used by the trio as well as forensic evidence possibly associated with crime sprees in Georgia and Florida. 

Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor and Lt. Colonel Padilla were quick to recognize the citizens of Fremont, Pueblo and Huerfano counties with their vigilance and communication with law enforcement.  Sheriff Taylor stated that Colorado City where the suspects were first sighted is his "home town".  The press asked why the suspects came to Pueblo?  FBI Special Agent Niedringhaus quipped "I don't know but it was a poor decision on their part!"

It will be determined later as to which jurisdiction will have a chance to try the trio first.  The important thing is that they are in custody tonight thanks to the combined effort of local, state and federal law enforcement and alert citizens.



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