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Hello pounds; bye bye lover

Being over weight could cause a heart attack, high blood pressure, or  even Diabetes. But Ladies packing on the pounds can do more than hurt your health.

According to a new survey, it could cause your significant other to dump you. Out of 70,000 people surveyed, over half of men said; they would dump their girl for gaining weight.

Do the people of Southwest Georgia agree or disagree with the findings? "It was for better or for worse. It doesn't mean if you get fat or whatever," said wife of 50 years Margaret Gill.

A recent survey disagrees finding 50 percent of men would pack up, if their women packed on the pounds. However only 20 percent of women said they would leave.

"It troubles me that they would even call that a relationship. It's not relationship behavior," said Psychologist Dr. Cheryl Kaiser.

"My husband was 120 pounds and now he's 215. I haven't left him yet in 55 years. I don't plan on it either,"  said Gill.

"I had a bad sickness and my husband certainly stayed with me. He was a very good Christian man," said wife of 40 years Dorothy Alice. 

Just about everybody, we talked to disagreed with falling in love with a picture-perfect cover. "If that person is all about beauty, what else is there? You got to bring something else to the table besides beauty," said Husband of two years Marcus Whiting. 

Therapists agree if the scale, weighs on your relationship; you should see other people. "The most important thing to do, if you're having weight problems is to see your therapist," said Dr. Kaiser.

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