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Manhunt for Dougherty siblings ends


The manhunt for the Dougherty siblings captivated people all over the country.

Their faces were shown on billboards and newscasts around the nation.

They've certainly been the talk of the town in Valdosta after last week's frightening bank robbery there.

Many folks in Valdosta say they knew it was only a matter of time before the Doughier gang, Dylan Stanley, Lee Grace Doughier and Ryan Doughier would be captured.

 "It's like wow, yeah, good," said Les Martin.

Martin was in Valdosta on his daily delivery route when he noticed yellow tape at the bank and cop cars everywhere August 2.

The siblings have been on the run for more than a week. Last Tuesday, they fired shots at a Zephyrhills, Florida officer then headed to Valdosta and robbed the Certus Bank.

The suspects are accused of firing shots inside that bank with high-powered weapons, telling people to get down, stealing money, and taking off in a getaway car.

Valdosta Police say they're relieved.

"We were afraid this would turn out horrible, meaning first and foremost a member of the public or someone from our law enforcement family would get hurt," said Cmdr. Brian Childress.

They were arrested in Colorado after a high speed chase, shots were fired at an officer and then the Subaru car crashed.

"Wow," said Martin. "All the way out in Colorado, holy cow, they got a long way from here didn't they?"

"These are young people and they've lost their way," said Cmdr. Childress.

Megan Rats is 20 years old.

"It's scary because they're about the same age as me," said Rats. "I'm going to college and everything and here they are robbing banks."

Now the nationwide search for the Dougherty gang has ended after a dangerous crime spree that could've been deadly.

Commander Childress says the FBI is taking out federal arrest warrants.

Just from the bank robbery in Valdosta, the siblings could face armed robbery, kidnapping, and reckless conduct charges.


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