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You can now recycle even more

You can now recycle even more in Albany.

Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful is collecting a new material at recycling drop off sites.

Dawn, I am at the Meredyth Recycling drop off location and I am told that on average, 125 cars come through here each day, bringing materials to recycle.

Bonnie Paros drives up and drops her recycling off at the meredyth drop off site, something she has been doing for years.

"We recycle everything from glass, plastic, newspapers, and magazine," says Bonnie Paros, Albany resident.

And after hearing the good news, she is excited she will now be able to recycle one more material.

"We use so much of it and our trash piles up and if we can separate it and bring it here and they can do something great with it, that's perfect," says Paros.

Paper board is now accepted at Dougherty recycling sites.

"So it is your cracker boxes, cereal boxes, your cake boxes, anything that is in a paper product that is on your grocery store shelf," says Judy Bowles, Keep Albany/Dougherty Beautiful Executive Director.

All you have to do is make sure you break it down and make sure that the box is flat before you bring it to the drop off station.

"If you recycle at your house and take out all the products that we recycle, you will have very little that you put in the land fill," says Bowles.

Turner Elementary has jumped on board and every classroom throughout the school will have recycling containers.

"We need to teach our young people in our schools that they need to be recycling and conserving out natural resources," says Bowles.

And Bonnie Paros agrees, we should all do our part to keep our community clean.

"There is just a lot of trash around and if we can clean it up and recycle it and do something else, it would be better for our kids down the road," says Paros.

For now she will keep separating her plastics, glass, and paper products.

Remember to separate your materials before bringing them to drop off sites.

Another reason Judy Bowles urges you to recycle, is to help the land fill last as long as possible.

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