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Delegation hears Vets' concerns

Veterans continue to report problems with scheduling appointments at Albany's VA Clinic.

This week Congressional and State representatives are coming together to hear veterans concerns and see what can be done to solve them.

Albany Senator Freddie Powell Sims is leading the charge after going to Albany's clinic to poll Veterans for herself to hear their concerns.

Two months after coming to us with his battle with to get a needed prescription from the Albany VA Clinic, Vietnam Veteran John Griffin's still waiting to see a cardiologist.

"I know that the Albany clinic did request the appointments, I was there when it was done," said John Griffin, a Vietnam Veteran.

A call from Senator Freddie Powell Sims may have done the trick, Tuesday he got a call for an appointment in Dublin, Friday.

"She cannot call for the thousands of others that need the care, need the appointments," said Griffin.

Sims' father is a veteran. She's been looking into the problems brought to her concerning the VA Clinic and after interviewing people coming out of the clinic herself, she didn't like what she heard.

"You hear these awful stories about folk not getting return phone calls or not being their appointments not being made or their medications are not being handled the way they should and you just don't believe it," said State Senator Freddie Powell Sims, (D)-Albany.

Sims feels it's a disconnect between the Albany Clinic and Hospital in Dublin where more serious ailments must be handled.

"The folk here are supposed to make certain that there is continuity between the hospital and the clinic so that when our Veterans come in for medical services it is done expeditiously," said Sims.

That's why she's holding a meeting Thursday in conjunction with representatives from Senators Chambliss and Isakson's Office along with Congressman Bishop and the rest of Albany's state delegation to hear veterans concerns.

"We didn't have to wait as a country to get served by these men and women so they should not have to wait to get quality service from the VA hospital," said Sims.

The VA hospital in Dublin say their goal is to schedule every Veteran for an appointment within 14 days of their desired date. They claim Albany's clinic exceeds the goal with 99% of veterans being seen in the window.

They say veterans are also notified 48 hours before their appointment. They may be hearing more from Senator Sims after her meeting Thursday.

Thursday's meeting is open to all Veterans. It's at 7:00 PM in the new Logistics Building Board Room on the Albany Technical College campus.


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