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Thieves kill power to break in

Police had guns drawn and surrounded the Stop-N-Go gas station. Police say a thief decided to stop by  through a window on the roof.

Someone driving by saw the man going in and called 911 about 4am. The criminal tried to out smart cops, by cutting the power off inside the store.

Who ever broke in did not actually, make it all the way in the store. But at the Soft Tail Saloon, it's a different story.

Broken glass covered the sidewalk. Police found a ski mask and crowbar thieves left behind.

The Bar manager Sheila Mathis told us the burglar, actually got away with cash from the register. But not before cutting all security cameras and power to the building.

Mathis also said police saw the man leaving the store. A chase started, but the officer fell down and the criminal got away.

If you know anything about these crimes, please call crime stoppers at 436-Tips.

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