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Homeless man charged with murdering another homeless man

Police have now identified the body found over the weekend at a vacant restaurant on Gornto Road.

The patio of the old Locos restaurant is where 55-year-old Charles Setser was living and where a passerby found his body Saturday morning around nine. Aaron Maddox who works at Cracker Barrel says sometimes they'd give Setser food and money.

"The lady employees were always offering him some money because he was homeless, so he could get by for the week," said Maddox.

Police say Setser got in fight with another homeless man 45 year old Mathew Balich. They're not sure why the two were fighting but it could've been over territory.

"It's possible," said Capt. Bobbi McGraw. "We know that sometimes when the homeless folks take a claim here or decide they're going to stay somewhere they kind of dig their heels in and that becomes their living quarters."

Police tracked down Balich Saturday night and arrested him at the I-75 bridge on Hill Avenue where homeless people live.

"It's really sad to lose any of our homeless people here," said Kelly Strozier, the interim lead case manager for the South Georgia Partnership to End Homelessness.

Maddox recalls the mood of some Cracker Barrel employees after Setser's death.

"Everybody came in kind of upset, shocked," said Maddox.

Now Mathew Balich is charged with felony murder and is in the Lowndes County Jail.

Police aren't saying how they think Charles Setser died but we know he suffered some head trauma.

He was last seen Thursday.

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