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Dougherty Co. crime rate drops

Dougherty County is becoming a safer place.

The numbers are out for the second quarter crime data in unincorporated Dougherty County and they are lower compared to the second quarter of last year, significantly lower.

"Our crime rates fortunately in the unincorporated county have remained low. Well below average," said Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek.

The data was put together by Chief Cheek who presented the report this morning at the Dougherty County Commission meeting.

Chief Cheek says Dougherty County is safer than a year ago.

"Property crime is down and violent crime is down as well, so we're pleased with that and we hope that trend continues," said Chief Cheek.

The number of violent crimes has dropped drastically by 50% when compared to 2010 and 55% when compared to 2009.

Although it may seem as if property crime has spiked in recent months in Dougherty County, it's actually down 15% compared to last year and 20% compared to two years ago.

Car break-ins are a rising trend in property crime Dougherty County. Chief Cheek says most of those crimes are "crimes of opportunity" and residents should make better decisions when leaving belongings in the car.

"Don't leave thing outs exposed to view. Don't leave your car unlocked. Don't leave items of value inside your car. If you do leave them in their, leave them locked up in the trunk or the glove compartment," said Chief Cheek.

All in all Chief Cheek feels Dougherty County residents should feel safe in their county.

"I feel comfortable saying unincorporated Dougherty County is a very safe place to live," said Chief Cheek.

Overall Crime is down 17% compared to last year's second quarter.

There were only a total of four violent crimes in Unincorporated Dougherty County in the second quarter and none of them was a homicide or forcible rape.

Chief Cheek says one main reason for the crime rate dropping is because people in the community are becoming more vigilant watching out for criminals and cooperating better with police.

Unincorporated Dougherty County's crime rate is down in every statistical category compared to last year.

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