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Camilla Winn-Dixie employees, tied up and robbed

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There is a lookout tonight for three dangerous gunmen who robbed a south Georgia grocery store.

They hid out inside the Camilla Winn-Dixie and waited for employees to close up and start counting the money.

That is when they jumped into action.

Investigators do not have any good leads yet but they do know they are looking for three white men around 6 feet tall who robbed and tied up two Winn-Dixie workers.

Two Camilla Winn-Dixie employees locked up the store at 10:00 PM as usual, and started counting the money.

They did not realize that three gunmen were hiding in the store, waiting for them to close.

"Came out with handguns and demanded money," says Robert Casterline, Camilla Police Dept. Investigator.

The three men tied the cashier and manager up with zip ties in the office.

"Pointed guns at them and said don't move, made them get down on the floor and tie them up, took their keys to the store and their cell phones, and such and took the money they were counting up," says Casterline.

They were told if they cooperated they wouldn't be hurt.

"They are fine, they were not harmed, luckily," says Casterline.

The three men took an undisclosed amount of money and ran out of the store.

"The manager had a pocket on him and after they left he was able to cut the zip ties," says Casterline.

They two employees ran next door to Walmart and called the police.

He says officials are following every lead they get and ask people to call the police station if they remember seeing anything unusual.

Investigators say they do not have any leads but they are questioning employees and surrounding businesses.

If you were in that area last night near the time of the robbery or if you know any details that could help investigators, you are asked to call the Camilla Police Department.

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