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Dawson saddened by loss of high school

(Source:  Capt. Shattles, Dawson P. D.) (Source: Capt. Shattles, Dawson P. D.)
(Source:  Capt. Shattles, Dawson P. D.) (Source: Capt. Shattles, Dawson P. D.)

Investigators with the state fire Marshal's office will arrive Tuesday in Dawson to look into a suspicious blaze that destroyed the old Terrell County High School.

Dozens watched this morning as the building that went up in the 1950's burned to the ground. It was an emotional scene for many who hated to see the school they attended go out the way it did.

Harold Anderson was riding along when he saw what he thought was some smoke from a Bar-B-Que grilled outside the Dawson Police department. "I was driving down the road and I thought the chief was cooking so I stopped by to meddle with him," Anderson said.

Thee smoke was from no bar-B-que instead it was pouring out of the Old Terrell County High school. He ran over to the police station next door

"Looked saw it was on fire went and told the police department and went over and told Officer Caldwell the building was on fire," Anderson said.

"We had an officer taking some reports and she alerted everybody," said Police chief Charlie Whitehead.

the fire started around 11 o' clock and when the chief of police arrived the fire was way underway.

"But when I got here I tell you what it was burning well extremely well. It came pretty close to the police department," said the chief.

Although the school had been vacant for some years and was slated for demolition, the fire destroyed the memories of many a graduate who watched as flames destroyed the building.

But with no electricity running to the building, under clear conditions, the fire is suspicious, leaving some to believe it was the work of arsonists.

"The bricks could have been useful, so it's really sad and I hope they can catch whoever did it," said Cassandra Chambers.

Several people posted their thoughts on Facebook.

Investigators are looking deeper into the fire as a potential arson but realize it could have been much worse.

Officials say a team of investigators will be needed because of the size of the school. Fire officials say it took nearly 100,000 gallons of water to fight the flames.


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