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Burglars hinder business reopening


A south Georgia businessman says re-opening his bar will be next to impossible thanks to ruthless thieves.

B. J.'s Bar in Moultrie was burglarized while its owner was out of town.

The bar has been closed for the past year because of issues with management. But now the owner is out thousands of dollars after burglars stole items ranging from electronics to the air conditioning unit.

Good Memories, old friends and cold beer is what comes to mind when owner B. J. thinks of the bar he has owned for seven years.

"It gets emotional you know, so many memories, and so many good times, every time I walk through that door now, knowing we are not open, I just sink," says B. J. Bibeault, Owner of B. J.'s Bar.

BJ Bibeault went by last week to check on the bar and trim the grass, but he was not prepared for what he found.

"As you can see from the mess they have strewn everything, damaged everything and taken what was not nailed down," says Bibeault.

No one was there at the time of the break in, because the bar has been closed for the last year.

"The opening that they are coming through is behind the coolers in this back corner," says Bibeault.

Thousands of dollars in property was stolen.

This hole in the wall is where a big screen TV used to be.

"Just looking around and noticing all the things that are missing, it does not seem like that much but when you start putting it into dollar signs and bank accounts and realizing that you have to come out of pocket it becomes a bigger deal," says Bibeault.

And now reopening is going to be next to impossible.

"You ask yourself, is it even worth it," says Bibeault.

But what is worth it, he says is providing the community with a bar where the customers feel like family.

"They are asking all the time, 'When are you going to reopen we love that place you know, it feels like home," says Bibeault.

A set back, but hopefully not one that will keep his bar closed for good.

B. J. hopes for a fresh start and says he hopes to eventually reopen B. J.'s Bar and make it even better this time around.

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