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High utility bills a headache this summer

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Its been a long and hot summer and many south Georgians are feeling the heat, from their utility bill.

Some customers say that they try to conserve electricity by unplugging electronics and turning on fewer lights, but they're still racking up large bills.

Alexandra Henriques says, "We're trying not to use that much and even with the effort our bill is still high."

The biggest problem may be where you set your thermostat. The federalAnd setting it below the recommended amount could be costing you big bucks

"Every degree you set below 78, you will raise your bill up to three percent and maybe even 5%," says Lori Farkus Community Manager of the Water Gas and Light Commission.

But taking advantage of a free program can cut costs drastically.

"We do have free energy audits where you can make an appointment, and we come into your home. We look at all your equipment and see how you can bring your home to be more energy efficient and bring that utility bill down," says Farkus.

Additionally turn off lights when not in use or in the daytime, unplugging electronics and chargers when not in use and using energy efficient light bulbs can help with costs.

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