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Tifton police warn of car break-ins

Car break-ins are a big problem in Tifton. More than 75 cases have been reported since June.

In many of the cases, the car doors were unlocked and thieves just opened the doors and took what they wanted.

Investigators say thieves are generally hitting middle to upper class neighborhoods and taking everything from electronics to guns.

Locking your car door its an effortless task but still, so many people just don't do it. "No neighborhood is absolutely safe," said Investigator Lee Dunston.

All of these orange dots represent just how many unlocked cars thieves have hit in Tifton the past few months."Some of the residences had multiple car entered," he said.

From the north side of town to the south thieves are targeting just about any residential area where they can find an unlocked car. "In most of these neighborhoods there will be a cars 15 feet away from the one that was entered its locked and they didn't go in it," he said.

And the thieves are taking anything of any value, "Everything from GPS units and in one case even a poker set to guns and rifles," he said.

Investigators don't know if its one person or several people responsible for these thefts. "Most of the time it appears they find a neighborhood they go along the street checking for unlocked cars get whatever they want and exit the vehicle," he said.

So unless you want to be the next victim, police have a message they're sending to the public. "If you are going to leave anything of any value in the car..well then lock it up

They are also sending a message to the thieves, that these break-ins will not be tolerated.@

They ask that neighbors keep an eye our for suspicious activity and report anything they see to police right away.

Investigator Dunston says they are going to need a big break to help solve these and its going to be the person up in the middle of the night who catches something suspicious and reports it to police that is going to be the one that helps.

Officers previously arrested 2 juveniles and charged one of them with 21 counts of entering autos.

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