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Dogs quarantine for rabies in Colquitt Co.


Colquitt County animal control officers want pet owners to make sure their animals are vaccinated.

Within the last 72-hours, The Humane Society of Colquitt County investigated five animal bite cases.

The victims in four of those cases were people.

The other was another dog.

Two of the dogs are quarantined right now to make sure they don't have rabies.

Animal control officers say you need to watch out for aggressive animals that may foam at the mouth because rabies can be deadly.

"Don't take it lightly. If it's taken lightly, it may be too late. That animal may have bitten an individual and it may go unreported so please contact animal control as soon as possible," said Animal Control Officer Justin Griffin.

If you are bitten by an animal, you should wash out the wound immediately and call your doctor or the hospital.  

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