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Stay hydrated if working outside

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Robert McCulloh not only works outside for his job as a delivery driver, but he's also responsible for his two and a half acres of land.

McCulloh says before the rains started he would only mow once every two to three weeks. He says now with the consistent rain, he's forced to mow at least once a week.

McCulloh says every day he mows he takes two potassium pills which helps conserve energy, but most importantly helps prevent cramping.

Today temperatures once again cleared the 100 mark. McCulloh says he will never underestimate the South Georgia sun. "I started early, I got a good breakfast, drank about three bottles of water."

Anyone who works outside knows the meaning of being drenched in sweat. Emergency personnel say sweating is actually a good thing. "When you stop sweating that's a very dangerous symptom of possibly passing out," said Paramedic Ashley Posey.

Dizziness, nausea, and muscle weakness are all signs of heat exhaustion. Paramedics say if you are experiencing these symptoms, you should not try to rush the recovery. "Sip on some water, light sips, Gatorade or anything like that. Just try to cool down gradually," said Posey.

If you do work outside for a living it is important to work steady, not fast and hard. McCulloh says there have a been a few occasions where he's pushed his limits. "If you ever start cramping you need to stop. If you feel your leg muscles you need to just stop."

Emergency personnel say if you stop sweating and nothing you do seems to cool you down, that is the time to call 911.

Although everyone is susceptible to heat-related ailments, young children and the elderly run the highest risk.

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