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Plato's pulls in the people

Parents and students lined up and waited more than an hour to find some bargains in Albany, at a new store called Plato's Closet.

you had to be a serious shopaholic to brave this crowd. One woman came all the way from Edison driving 50 minutes to try to save a little cash.

It was a shopping trip not for the faint of heart.

"I came out here at 8:40 or something like that this morning and there was already a line I was like, oh my God this is crazy," said Taylor Brown.

Shoppers rushed into Plato's Closet as the doors opened at 10:00 quickly turning the sales floor into a sea of shoppers all searching for the same thing, a bargain.

"I have five teenagers and they're all into these trendy clothes and all these things and it's great bargain prices," said Dean-Na Barnes.

Trying to dress one student in high end fashion adds up quickly. On a budget is even tougher which is why Plato's Closet seems to be thriving.

"The one in Macon, I shop there a lot," said Morgan Adams.

Why would teens and parents rush to buy second hand clothes?  "We buy in excellent condition so if it doesn't look brand new, we pass on it," said Stacey Scott, Plato's Closet Owner.

Customers are paid cash on the spot. The store has been buying for months from teens and young adults in the community and today shoppers reaped the benefits.

"So Polos for 10 bucks, we've got the designer denim, True Religion, Miss Me, all those jeans, you can get anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00 depending on the condition they're $200.00 jeans," said Scott.

"Look at this stuff it's like cheap stuff but it's Abercrombie and Fitch, you can't find this stuff anywhere else, it's crazy," said Taylor.

"We were so excited they were coming and opening up here, we've been calling saying when's your grand opening and it's a great idea for this town," Dean-Na said.

A region that's seen unemployment stay above 60,000 for a four county area around Albany since the first of the year.

While the inventory went quick today, we saw plenty of mannequins that had been stripped and left bare, the owner assured me, they had just as much inventory in the back room and they would be restocking as soon as they could reach the back room.

The closest Plato's Closet to Albany until today was in Columbus. There will be 17 stores in Georgia by the end of the year.


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