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Heat advisory puts outside workers on alert

It's unbearably hot. Albany remains under a heat advisory for the next hour and it will be in effect again Thursday.

Stifling temperatures climbed to near a hundred Wednesday afternoon. The heat index reached the dangerous level of 110.

Emergency Room Doctors are issuing a warning.

The emergency room at Palmyra Medical Center is averaging about 5 heat related emergencies a day. They stress workers need to take plenty of breaks and keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated.

In Lee County, crews are putting the final touches on the new Heritage Bank branch. It's back breaking work, and in the heat it's been insufferable.

"It's been rough, it's been real rough especially the last couple of days," said Jim Betton, LRA job supervisor.

With the heat index at 108 Wednesday, Jim Betton and other workers are taking extra breaks.

"It's slowing your work down, your not as fast as you normally would be because the heat just zaps your strength out just gets you to the point, you have to take frequent breaks," said Betton.

Betton had a heat scare Tuesday.

"I got a little too hot yesterday and I'm feeling the affects of that today because my muscles are cramping up because I got too hot yesterday," said Betton.

Emergency Room doctors say that's one of the first signs your body needs more water.

"Starting to experience cramps throughout your body, certainly nausea and vomiting are signs early in the process," said Dr. Dale Lawson, Palmyra Medical Center.

While water is great for hydration too much can also be dangerous.

"Staying hydrated is very important, the electrolyte replacement drinks are very important some times you can cause problems by drinking too much water you can drop your sodium to dangerous levels by consuming too much water," said Lawson.

If you stop sweating or pass out that's a definite sign that you need medical treatment.

"Your blood pressure drops to a low level if you become dizzy or if you have a Syncopal episode or pass out then you need to come seek medical attention," said Lawson.

Jim Betton's taking care of his thirst.

"Trying to put a little more fluids in the body and you have to out here in this heat if you don't you get in trouble," said Betton.

And trying to do more of his work in the shade when he can.

Doctors say if you get overheated, the best way to cool down quickly is by dousing you head with cool water.

Doctors say if young athletes get overheated... they should stop physical activity immediately, get into a cooler environment, and drink plenty of water or a sports beverage.

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