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Some restaurants thrive on student business

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - For ice cream parlors, soda fountains, and sandwich shops, the summer months are the best of the year.

Why? Because when school is out, so are the kids. "Especially during the summer time. During the school time not as much kids, but during the summer time a lot of kids and mostly parents and stuff like that" said Izzo's Waitress Leah Barnard.

Now that school is back is session restaurants need to rely on their older customers to pick up the slack.

Especially during the lunch hours. "The businesses around here they always come here for lunch time. Usually when we have lunch rush it consists mainly of them and than the afternoon it's mainly the kids coming in here," said Barnard.

The owner of The Scoop Deli and Ice Cream in Thomasville says during the school year the kids won't come in as early, but they will still come. "We don't see as many young people during the middle of the day, but as sure as school lets out they come and get ice cream and treats and smoothies and frozen coffees and things. We have a little influx right after three o'clock every day," said Linda Hurst.

Izzo's Soda Fountain expects a similar slow down. "Maybe a little slower in the afternoon, but the businesses around here are usually pretty good business with us. So maybe a little slower, but not much slower," said Barnard.

Other businesses that slow down when class is in session are movie theaters, bowling alleys, and arcades. Business owners say now that these customers can not come in as much during the week, it makes the weekends that much busier.

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