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11-year old Tifton girl in need of Kidney transplant

An 11-year old Tifton girl needs your help. Chelsea Robertson has been battling kidney disease for years... but her battle recently took a turn for the worse.

Both of her kidneys had to be removed. Dialysis is keeping her alive. Her family is hoping to find a donor soon.

Chelsea Robertson has been through a lot in her 11-years but doctors and nurses say she has kept a positive attitude through everything along with a smile on her face.

Dr. Granville Simmons has watched 11-year Chelsea Robertson grow up. "She is a bright happy, easy go lucky girl," he said.

Over those years, she's become a familiar face at Children's Medical Center in Tifton. "I've gotten to see her in and out weekly," he said.

That's because shortly after she was born, Dr. Simmons discovered she had a genetic disorder that sometimes leads to kidney disease. "She has Nail Patella syndrome," he said.

As her doctor, he's watched her condition progressively get worse. "Recently because of seizures and hypertension she had to have both of her kidneys removed," he said.

Now, Chelsea and her family are in Atlanta as she undergoes hours of dialysis treatment daily as she waits for a possible donor. "She clinically needs a kidney transplant rather quickly so she would move up to the top of the list..the problem is finding a match," he said.

If Chelsea does not find a donor she'll have to live on dialysis. "It basically controls your whole life if you don't get the dialysis you are basically going to be dead," he said.

And since Dialysis centers in this part of the state usually don't handle kids she would have to stay in Atlanta.

Now, those who know Chelsea are hoping someone comes forward to help give this little girl hope, "She has a bright future if she can get a kidney, there is no reason why she cant be the homecoming queen," he said.

Kidney's help get rid of toxins in our body..we are born with two kidneys..however you can survive with a fourth of a kidney. ..If you would like to become a donor..at the very minimum you must have the same blood type..and Chelsea's is a O positive.

If you are interested in finding out if you could potentially be a donor for Chelsea or any other child in need of a kidney transplant call Kerrie McHardy at 404-785-1405

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