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T'ville begins 2011-12 school year

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - This day every year is always one of excitement, anxiety, and stress. Parents watch as their young ones go back to school or start for the first time.

Law enforcers say it is days like today when roads are the most dangerous. "I cannot stress this enough, in a school zone please try not to talk on the cell phone and do not text," said Public Information Officer Captain Steve Jones.

Police say children walking to school are not always paying attention. "They're excited about the first day of school. Some may be anxious about the first day of school. And they're just not thinking about where they are," said Jones.

Thomasville City Schools are located near the center of town and many students choose or are forced to walk. "It's so dangerous for any small child to walk by themselves. Even in Thomasville," said Jones.

Police say if you're children do walk to and from school, make sure they're in a group or with someone older than can trust.

Police say sometimes people do not follow the rules when it comes to school busses. "If a bus is traveling the same direction with you and activate their yellow flashing lights, they're alerting you they are about to put out their stop sign. That does not mean to hurry up and pass them," said Jones.

Police say the worst calls they get are the ones involving young children. They say any time children are present, treat it as if you're in a school zone.

Thomas County schools, as many other systems in our area, start next Monday.

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