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Beware of internet and phone scams

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A scam warning from south Georgia investigators. They want you to be careful if you're trying to sell something over the internet.

Thomas County officials got a complaint Monday morning from a victim who listed an item on Craigslist and quickly got a response.

The buyer sent the seller a money order for more than the seller was asking. The buyer then asked the seller to send back the difference.

But the money order was counterfeit. "There's no sell that has to be made right this second. There's plenty of time for you to tell that person let me get back with you, I need to do some checking. And do your internet search and do your bank calls. Whatever you need to do," said Captain Steve Jones.

Investigators say in other common scams, callers will claim to represent a bank, credit card company, or other business and ask something like your account number or social security number.

They say most legitimate companies will never ask for that kind of personal information over the phone.

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