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WALB employee calls 911, reporting house fire

Albany Fire fighters fought a huge house fire at 2304 Doncaster Road.

Nobody was inside however one of our employees saw the flames and called 911.  "Ryan you're the one who called 911, on your way to work," said Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose. 

Flames shooting ten feet high is what I saw on my way to the station. "By the time I got here the house was totally engulfed, " said Neighbor Leon Rolle. 

I called 911, grabbed a camera, wiped off the lens, and started video taping. You could actually feel the heat from the house standing in the street.

"I noticed it was a lot of lighting going on. I just happened to look out the window and saw an orange glow in the sky," said Rolle. He works as an EMT and lives right around the corner from the blaze. 

Rolle also called police. "I came out here to look and see if any other houses were involved. If it was, I was gonna start banging on doors," he said. 

After arriving on the scene, firefighters couldn't help, but notice this was one hot situation.  "On the arrival of the first unit, we saw the roof was collapsed," said Chief Ambrose. 

The roof and everything inside went up in smoke. Thankfully the owner of the home was away on business. "It was pretty exciting to see a fire in the middle of the night. But you would never wish something like this on anybody," said Rolle.

Firemen needed a cold one to cool off,  after battling 1000's of degrees in flames. "Thanks for calling it in, I'm glad you went to work," said Chief Ambrose.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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