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Straka brothers ready for UGA golf

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Sibling rivalries are normal when it comes to competition between brothers and sisters.

For twins Sam and Sepp Straka they love to compete against each other on the golf course.

These two brothers also make good teammates.

They led Lowndes to a state high school title and now they want lead Georgia to a national championship.


Twins Sam and Sepp Straka are not identical in appearance except when they have a golf club in their hand.

Sam Straka said. "I say we are very close to our talent. It is just always back and forth. We are always getting better with each other and always at the same level."

Sepp Straka said. "It is always fun to play with him. I always want to beat him. It is half and half. Lately I have been. In the earlier times he has. Depends on the day."

The rivalry will continue in college with both Strakas playing at the University of Georgia.

Sepp Straka said. "That is going to be a lot of fun. Him and we have got another guy from Pennsylvania coming in."

Sam Straka said. "It was my favorite school. I have always wanted to go there."

The road to Athens didn't start in Valdosta for these brothers.

Their mother grew up in south Georgia and their father in Austria.

The brothers lived in Austria before moving to Valdosta and Lowndes in the middle of their freshman year.

Sepp Straka said. "It is completely different over there than it is here. Over here it is a lot more sport oriented. Over there it is a lot more academics. I like high school here. It is a lot of fun."

Sam Straka said. "It was tough the first week and then I loved it. People were so nice. It was just easy."

It is never easy moving to a new school in a new country or going off to a major university.

While these brothers love to compete against each other.

They will also lean on each other.

Sam Straka said. "It is your brother. You will always have someone around you can trust. Just always a friend. It is a good thing."

Sepp Straka won the Albany Junior Open title.


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