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Albany beer production climbs 20%

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The volume of beer pouring from Albany's MillerCoors plant hasn't let up, even in an economic climate where others are seeing a decline.

The plant's Vice President says it's a direct result of the merger and the products Albany's plant produces.

Two of the company's five most productive lines are flowing from Albany's taps, and what's being produced is being shipped to Puerto Rico and China.

A one time competitor has proved a valuable teammate. Coors Light flowing through the pipes and package lines at the Albany brewery has increased production at the plant.

Tim "The new products particularly Coors Light and Keystone Light have been a tremendous boost to our volume and our productivity," said manager Timothy Dill.

Before the joint venture Albany's plant was brewing 6.8 million barrels of beer, now it's up to 8.6 million barrels.

 Tim "Which is about a 20 percent increase, 30 percent of which is Coors Light and Keystone Light volume," said Dill.

The ample water supply helps along with location. Great distribution lanes out of Albany in every direction has made the plant a pretty viable brewery in the organization.

"Almost 1.2 million barrels we ship, export to Puerto Rico. The largest selling beer in Puerto Rico is Coors Light, all of it is made here in the Albany brewery and that's been a tremendous boost to our facility."

As a result, MillerCoors sunk a significant amount of money into the brewery to improve equipment, including newly added robotics on the Keystone Light line to package the product.

"It takes the wear and tear of the people using a robot like that," said MillerCoors Environmental Engineer Dave Dixon.

Right now the only problem seems to be how to give employees a break. Some employees work six days a week to meet the volume demands.

"We're trying to find ways to get people the right amount of time off, which is a good problem to have for us,"  said Dill.

What's set Albany's plant apart from others is the facility can brew just about everything the company fills in a can or bottle. It's a flexibility not all breweries have and one that will likely keep the beer flowing in Albany in the future. 

About a third of the Albany plant's volume is now Coors Light and Keystone Light.  


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