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Place your paper, pens and protractors here

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This time of year can be one of the busiest for the Salvation Army. That's because they provide school age kids with what they need for class.

But in order to give help; they need help. Back to school means only one thing; the school supply list.

That list can be pretty long and add up quick. That's where the Salvation Army comes in. "In this economy, everybody could use a hand up," said Salvation Army Captain Doug McClure. 

Target and Salvation Army gave kids $80 gift cards, to buy supplies. "This is such a blessing. Times are so hard and this economy is crazy," said Grandmother Patricia Jones.

She brought her two grand daughters out, so they could be ready for the first day of school. "I'm a grandmother and my daughter is a single mother. I try to help her any way I can," said Jones. 

Besides without the right tools, there might be even more children left behind. "You need those things to do your work," said 7th grader Devin Kight.

If you would like to donate call the Salvation Army at (229) 435-1428.