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Family lost all belongings in house fire

Five firefighters were treated for heat injuries while battling a house fire in Sylvester. It appears the fire on Donna Drive started outside an air conditioning unit.

The family who lives there lost most of their belongings.

The mother tells me her three children were just getting ready to start back to school..and this fire not only destroyed all of their clothes, but it also claimed the life of their beloved pet hermit crab.

Monday afternoon, Tatina Tucker and her seven year old daughter returned to find their home on Donna Drive had gone up in flames.

"They haven't been in to see it yet, especially my seven year old. There isn't anything in her room, not even any walls," Tucker said.

Firefighters were on scene for hours, as they worked to put out of the fire, and help save what they could.

"They had a pretty good bit of fire damage to the bedroom and a lot of smoke and heat damage throughout the rest of the home," said Sylvester Fire Chief Jody Yarbrough.

Firefighters not only dealt with the fire, but they also battled through the heat of the day.

"We had one that had to be treated for heat exhaustion yesterday and we had four on the scene that had to get IV fluids," said the chief.

Thankfully no one was home, but Tucker's three children had eight pets that were inside the home.

"We are missing one of the kittens, and my son's hermit crab didn't make it and he's heart broke over that little hermit crab."

"We were able to get the turtles out but the hermit crab was the only casualty we had here.'

A neighbor came by and opened the front door to let the cats out. "He is a hero. She was with me when we drove up on the fire and it actually made her sick thinking about her cats being in there."

For a mother, she says its tough knowing her children lost everything they owned, from clothes to games had gone up in flames.

"She has a collection of animals and stuffed animals, and she's cried over losing all of that."

And to make matters worse the kids go back to school in just a few weeks.

"School starts back in two weeks, and the kids don't have anything, they have nothing expect what they come out with."

But Tucker says she is thankful the situation didn't turn out any worse. "We are going to do fine. All of that is replaceable. The kids are safe and that's the main thing."

Firefighters say preliminary results show that the fire started near one of the outdoor wall AC units.

Tatina also asks that all parents check smoke detectors..she says even though she had smoke detectors throughout her home..she was told the batteries were no good.

If you would like to assist the family, contact the Sylvester Fire Department at 229-776-8511. 

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