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Church Whiting is just a normal kid

Church Whiting loves to play his NCAA football game on Playstation two. "He's just a normal six year old," said his Mother Destiny Cook. 

The opponent that makes him abnormal, comes in the form of, Immune thrombocytopenic purpura, a rare blood disorder.  

After the platelet count is released from the bone marrow, his body attacks it. "It's kind of like when you have a cold or allergic reaction and your body kills it," said Cook. 

His condition makes it easy for him to bruise, bleed, and become exhausted. "You cringe when he's on a bicycle and sports are pretty much out the question," said Dad Jay Whiting. 

"You get up each day, deal with it, and do what you have to," said Cook. 

The rides between doctors and hospitals have been constant, since he was first diagnosed two years ago. "I have to put on that armored shell, so he doesn't see the fear in me," said Cook. 

From Steroids and other immune suppressive drugs, this family has tried just about everything in the playbook. "His body has rejected them and nothing has worked so far," said Cook. 

So until doctors are able to score with treatments, this little guy will forfeit his big sports dreams. "I want him to have a life outside of a bubble," said Cook. 

Friends of the family have set up an account at DOCO Credit Union in Albany, to help with the medical costs. The account number is #81582, if you would like to donate.

Church Whiting and his family are going to meet a specialist in New York City on August 7th.

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