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Lee County All-Stars dazzle the diamond

How would feel if you had the weight of representing your state on your shoulders at just 8 years old? Well the Lee County All-Star softball team will do just that and if you think this team isn't ready, think again!

Head coach Scott Williams said "I can't describe it, its just unbelievable."

Williams took all the best players from the Lee County Dixie League to create the Lee County All-Stars.

Sierra Brogdon said "Its very fun for everybody pretty much because everybody is doing what they love and everybody on this team loves each other"

With all that love came skill and determination. Earlier this month these dazzlers of diamonds just breezed through the district and state tournament making them the queens of Georgia and they'll represent the entire state in the World Series next week.

Madison Mathis said "That was like pretty good because now we know we're the best team in Georgia"

Brogdon said "We all just do our hardest every game and we all play the best to our abilities in our positions"

Williams said "A lot of people would be surprised to watch them play at 8 years old to see the skill level the girls bring to practice every day and how hard they work to get to where they're at.  They're all playful and have a good time when we're in the dug out or when we're off the field but when we walk between the lines they come to play ball"

So the rest of the country better watch because the Lee County All-Stars are coming.

Mathis said "It's going to fell really good because we get to go to the world series and if we win we're the best team in the United States."

Brogdon said "We're just going to play our hardest and they better watch out!"

The World Series will be held in Pineville, Louisiana starting on Friday.

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