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Digging Deeper: Dougherty County AYP results

Thirteen Dougherty County Schools made Adequately Yearly Progress, but the Superintendent is quick not to call schools that didn't make the grade, failing.

Friday he told us the system has no failing schools.

Administrators say in many cases schools were close to making AYP but missed because of second indicators including the graduation rate or attendance issues.

Statewide Adequate Yearly Progress results were released Thursday, but since May, school officials have been pouring over test scores anticipating how they'll do and working on how they'll use the results to improve. Dr. Murfree will rely on his staff to help brake down results.

"They'll bring them to me and say Dr. Murfree look where we're missing and what we're missing and as a part of that, you begin to say okay we need to get stronger here and this is how we get strong," said Dr. Joshua Murfree, DCSS Superintendent.

This last school year the system saw a significant improvement in math scores, but reading and language arts needs improvement in several schools.

"The reading language arts combination score, kept them off of round one but they were very close and they will make it on round two. Only one of our elementary schools was in the area of mathematics," said Renee Bridges, DCSS Testing Coordinator.

Board members have spoken to administrators, encouraging them to duplicate techniques used to improvement math scores in the area of language arts.

"It's collaboration with our teachers, she had all 15 of our 5th grade teachers working together, working in groups all of them coming together working in groups of 5 or 6," said School Board member Darrel Ealum.

School officials say its more than just test scores and while graduation rates need to improve, so does the systems attendance, missed days can cost a school.

"We had attendance in one of our middle schools and of course in the high schools it's the graduation rate," said Bridges.

When the final summer test results and remediation numbers come in, school officials are certain more schools will make AYP. Right now Albany, Dougherty, Monroe High Schools, and Dougherty Middle School are on the needs improvement list. The repercussion give parents the option of choosing to send their students to another school.

Dougherty schools will get their final AYP results in mid-September. This year the graduation rate requirement increased preventing more schools from making AYP.

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