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Taylor Davis hopes to win 'Talent'

A Lee County teenager is in the national spotlight as a contestant on NBC's "America's Got Talent."

Nineteen year old Taylor Davis is one of forty-eight contestants on the hit NBC show, and he is proof that hard work and determination payoff.

Taylor Davis started singing in church when he was only thirteen years old.

He says he has always wanted to share his voice with the world, and now he is getting that chance.

When he picked up the guitar at the age of 12, Taylor Davis never thought he would be performing on America's Got Talent.

"It wasn't really the audience that was so nerve racking, it was the judges, staring right at you and judging you," says Taylor Davis, "America's Got Talent" contestant.

He was not used to such a huge crowd listening to him sing, because he started singing at Church here in Lee County.

"He has always been talented but when he first wanted to sing I was like, 'can you really sing?' and he had a good voice even back then and just to see him grow has been amazing," says Bobby Brooks, Refuge Church Pastor.

Taylor says his mom pushed him to audition for the show even though he has never taken any professional singing lessons.

"He recognized the talent that he had and he went after it, he taught himself how to play guitar, he taught himself the keyboard, things like that," says Brooks.

He traveled to Las Vegas alone and coming from a small town he says he did not know what to expect.

"Going to Las Vegas was a total culture shock just because there is so many different things, so many different people there," says Davis.

He met a lot of different people but not everyone made it this far.

"I made a few friends but they are gone," says Davis.

When he performs, he hopes to share his emotions through music.

"That is one of the greatest things about performing, is being able to look at somebody and them to be able to feel what I feel when I try to sing a song," says Davis.

Even with all of the national attention, Taylor says he is blessed to be apart of a community that is so supportive.

"In my heart I know who I am and I feel like that is all I need to be able to go far in the competition, as long as I stay true to myself, then I think I will be ok," says Davis.

And going far in this competition is not his only dream.

"I would love to do a duet with Katy Perry and do it in Madison square garden," says Davis.

To all of his fans, he says go after your dreams, the worst thing someone can tell you is 'no.'

Sharon Osbourne is his favorite judge because she's nice, but he also respects Piers Morgan for his honesty.

You can vote for Taylor Davis on August 2nd while watching "America's Got Talent" at 8PM right here on WALB/NBC.

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