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TPD emphasizing crime prevention

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Lock your car. Secure home doors and windows. Never open doors to strangers. Just a few simple precautions Thomasville police want folks to keep in mind. "We want to educate and advise the citizens of this community on ways of how not to become a victim of a crime," said Public Information Officer Lt. Eric Hampton.

Over the last few months Thomasville has seen a variety of crimes. Home burglaries, copper thefts, carjackings, drug sales, and even newspaper thefts. "Anything that you may have a problem with or think is suspicious or that your safety may be at risk by all means call the police department. Our officers are there. We work for the citizens," said Hampton.

Police say it's important to trim the shrubbery around your windows. You should also try to install an alarm system as well as proper lighting around your home. "Even when they're at home at night sleeping an alarm system is good to have to protect them and their families, and their property," said Hampton.

Scams are among the crimes investigators want to hear about. Police say most reputable companies will not ask you for personal information like your social security number.

No suspicion is too small to call police about if a citizen suspects danger or a rip-off. "We recommend that any suspicious activity that is seen by citizens or anyone in the community, we recommend that they call the police department. Let us check it out. Let us determine how small it is. Some things that seem small can turn out to be very big when it comes to a crime," said Hampton.

Police say emergencies should be reported to 911, while other calls should be directed to dispatch.

Police say to also beware of contractors soliciting work at your home. Ask for a contractor's license and never pay until the work is done.

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