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Violent crimes could be the work of gangs

Lakeland Police are investigating a series of violent crimes that they believe are the work of gangs.

The most recent crime was Thursday morning when a man was robbed at gunpoint outside his home.

Buddy Lawrence was hit in the head with a gun and robbed on West Franklin Avenue around 3:30 Thursday morning.

"As I laid there, he put a gun up to my head and told me if I move he was going to shoot," said Lawrence.

He says the man and two others drove off in a black car.

"I thought I was fixing to be killed," said Lawrence.

Lawrence says he didn't know the men but he thinks they targeted him over a woman.

Jody Chauncey says police told them a couple of the men were in gangs.

Neighbors say crime is getting worse.

"There's nothing to do here but get in trouble," said James Henry.

Police say gangs cause a lot witnesses to not cooperate.

"They beat up on people," said Lakeland Police Det. Henry Ferst. "They shoot up their guns in the air to keep people upset."

Gunshots coming from the east side of town is what led police to a party on Talley Avenue early Saturday morning where nearly 40 people were gathered. Some people were screaming at the cops, throwing bottles and rocks. Robert Lee Reese was even tased and charged with two counts of obstruction, then a man ran through the taser wires and punched an officer. They're still looking for him.

"An officer could've been dead," said Det. Ferst.

Neighbors says if you're looking for trouble, you'll find it on Talley Avenue.

Since the Camon Drug Trade Organization has been weakened after Isaac Camon's arrest, investigators say there's gang rivalries going on. Police say while gangsters may think they can get away with crime, police say they can't and they'll track them down.

Lakeland Police want witnesses to know they'll keep information confidential. They also say they're close in arresting eight guys involved in a fight on Tilden Street.

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