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ABAC has extra scholarship money available

ABAC has some scholarship dollars left for ABAC received a scholarship grant last year for 72-thousand dollars, however they were only able to utilize a small portion of that because they received the grant so late in the year

That means they have scholarship dollars left over that can be used to fund one year scholarships for qualified students.

To qualify, students must have financial need..and they also must be in a specific majors in the college of Arts and Sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math and Engineering.

"This scholarships will allow a student to not have to work a job as much on the side because they will have those extra dollars there and the scholarships are up to 6,000 dollars possible," said Dr. Ray Barber, Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics.

Contact Nicholas Urquhart at 229-391-4917 for information.

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