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D.A. probes Baker County BOE

NEWTON, GA (WALB) - South Georgia District Attorney Joe Mulholland says members of the group Baker County Citizens Concerned About Education approached him a few weeks ago. "They asked if they could talk to the grand jury about the possibility of doing an inquiry into the Board of Education."

According to a document on the group's website, members contend that the board spends $14K per student on education and is not providing much of a return on tax payers' investment.

The document also claims school system leaders have been unresponsive to citizen complaints. The Baker County Superintendent, Freddy Thompson, says he's "...aware an organization requested numerous documents and we have complied to every request."

Mulholland says the next step is to get with his investigator. "We'll probably have to subpoena some witnesses, subpoena some records, and basically just see how far down the rabbit hole this thing goes. Obviously at this stage it's preliminary."

Members of the citizens group testified before the grand jury Monday. "Until we have some hard evidence of any kind of malfeasance, I just felt like it was important that the grand jury as one as the citizens of that county took this upon themselves," said Mulholland/

Mulholland says until any allegations are substantiated or unfounded, it's important to remember that people are innocent until proven guilty.

The citizens group is mounting a fundraising effort to help offset legal costs.

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