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Lee County school offers jobs

20 jobs are open for hire in Lee County and five times that many people showed up to apply for them today.

The school system is hiring and opened the application process today, the same day it was announced Georgia's unemployment rate rose again last month.

The hardship of unemployment is nothing new to many of the people applying for these Lee County jobs today.

Lee County is hiring school custodians, mechanics, food service workers and part-time bus drivers.

The Department of Labor is helping them fill those jobs.

Orlando Chambers Jr. is unemployed, has one child and another one due in November. He believes a job will put his life back on track.

"If I can get the job, any job really, it would help me out because I'm not working and anything will help. I'm just trying to do better for my family," said Chambers.

Michele Kusterman has been retired for a year and a half and said she's had enough.

"I can't take being bored. I do a lot better when I'm around people, you know? Out in the real world earning some money," said Kusterman.

They were among the nearly 125 people who showed to apply for 20 jobs with the Lee County school system.

They hope this job search will end better than those in the past.

"You kind of look at your self-worth and try to figure out what am I doing wrong or what do I need to do to get the job," said job applicant Darla Creel.

Caleb Lovejoy said he doesn't get discouraged. In fact, he's being positive.

Lovejoy is unemployed and moved to Lee County after marrying his wife and moving from Connecticut.

"I'm pretty confident. As long as I keep giving it my all something will happen and I will get the job I need in order for me and my wife to survive," said Lovejoy.

Lovejoy even had advice for those becoming discouraged in their job search.

"To other job applicants, don't give up. Keep trying. Explore your talents. You'll be surprised to find that you have more job skills than you believe," said Lovejoy.

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