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Georgia's unemployment rate on the rise again

The nation's unemployment rate has been virtually stuck at 9.2 for a while now. And the numbers aren't adding up for Georgians either.

Actually the state Georgia has a higher unemployment rate than the national. According to the Department of Labor, Georgia's unemployment rate rose to 9.9 percent last month.

But if you compare to the 10 percent, it was a year ago, we're doing pretty good. The State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says 9.9 is normal for this time of year.

It's not uncommon for non-contract school workers, like bus drivers, cafeteria workers and janitors , to be laid-off during the summer school break.

Overall there was a loss of more than 14,000 jobs in June. Also the number of Unemployment insurance claims went up several thousand from last month.

If you compare all those numbers to last year, things seem to be getting better slowly.

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