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Business owners concerned about health care

Small business owners had the chance to hear Georgia's response to the Affordable Health Care Act.

The governor's office set up a health insurance exchange committee to weigh the pros and cons of Obama care.

Today's meeting was part of several small business listening sessions held throughout the state.

Once the sessions are over, the committee will make a recommendation to the Governor.

Under the new law, if Georgia doesn't have a plan for exchange options, the federal government will write it for us.

 "I do not want the people of Georgia to not be prepared. We need to make sure that we're in place in case this law is triggered," said Small Business Owner Darlene Taylor.

"We're hearing employers like the notion of providing more choices to employees. However, some have a negative view, because we don't know what the federal mandates will be," Health Policy Advisor Blake Fulenwirder.

The exchange committee will make their final proposal by December 15th to the General Assembly and Governor's office. If you would like to voice your concern, click HERE.

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