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WG&L prepares for power outages in advance

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - 10 days after the first big rain storm soaked town and left thousands of people without power, the Water Gas and Light Commission has stepped up to prevent future outages.

It's a project that began long before our big storms. Crews have been working on one of the hardest hit areas behind Palmyra Medical Center.

A wood chipper gobbled up tree limbs while Water Gas and Light crews trimmed the overhang near power lines behind Palmyra Hospital. When branches hit lines, it can be dangerous and inconvenient for neighbors.

"People get irritated when you have stuff like this going on," said WG&L employee, Brice Swanson.

July 9th, roughly 8,000 Water Gas and Light customers lost power after limbs landed on lines near the vicinity of Palmyra road and Slappey Boulevard. When branches hit those wires, they send signals to a substation on 8th avenue to cut power.

Mandy Griffin's Husband lost electricity at Rossi Performance Shop near Palmyra and Ledo road. No power means no business for these folks.

"Electricity powers our cash register so when we can't use it, it makes it a little more difficult," said Mandy.

Water Gas and Light crews trimmed limbs from Slappey to 8th avenue, across Palmyra road and in an alley behind the hospital which also had outages.

After workers cut limbs, they loaded them in the wood chipper and throw them away in the landfill.

WG&L crews sprayed the trimmed sections with cryonite to stunt secondary growth. It's just one of the many efforts to prepare for Mother Nature's fury.

Work crews will be back out early Wednesday morning to continue grooming the overhang. They expect to finish Friday.

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