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Tablets ready to take over personal computers

Are personal computers starting to become a thing of the past?

Experts say fewer people are buying new PCs because of economic anxiety, market saturation and the rise of new gadgets such as Apple's iPad and other tablet devices.

Worldwide sales for PCs have declined in recent years.

Some believe tablets will eventually take over PCs.

"A lot of the items you can get on a laptop, now you can get them here. A lot of people love the fact you can take them right out of their pocket book, book bag, or side pack. You can have it with you and be very inconspicuous about it. So a lot of people don't think you have a computer on you, but boom there it is," said computer salesperson Chris Acevedo.

Research firms Gartner Inc. and IDC said PC shipments worldwide increased only by two percent in the second quarter, short of both firms' expectations.

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