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Water plays vital role in heat

Collin Reed enjoys playing in the water at Riverfront Park.

Reed splashes in the water not only to cool off, but to get the sweat off of him.

Little does Reed know sweating in this weather is a good thing. It's the body's way of cooling itself off.

When you don't sweat in the weather we've been seeing lately, then you should worry.

"When they stop sweating that becomes a more serious issue, because now the body is preserving the natural moisture in it to keep it going," said Nurse Practitioner Beth Sykes.

Reed said when he gets hot and thirsty, he grabs anything that is available.

"I'll drink a coke or a sweet tea or something if they made it," said Reed.

In this type of heat, hydration is the key. That's why experts say you should consume water more than soft drinks and soda.

Soft drinks and soda contain sodium and even caffeine. These two elements can elevate blood pressure, which can increase the risk of injury.

"Most of those drinks have a tendency to dehydrate you. They actually make you lose more fluid than you gain," said Sykes.

Water contains no sodium, so it won't make you sick in hot weather, that's why it is truly the key element to life.

Sykes went on to say if you're with somebody and they become faint in the heat, you should move them to a cool area and take their shoes and socks off. This will allow heat to remove from their body.

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