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Students need their schedules early

The school year is only a few weeks away and Dougherty County schools are hoping to have every student learning new material on the first day.

In the past, High school students received their schedules on the first day of school, that made for a hectic the first day with students trying find correct teachers and classrooms.

This year, administrators are encouraging students to pick up their schedules early.

Class schedules are ready now for all students returning to high school and for new freshmen.

"What we hope to do by providing these schedules as early as tomorrow for incoming freshman, is to make a way for the first day of school to be a learning day, and everybody know where they need to be and where they need to go on that first day so that we can maximize classroom time," says R. D. Harter, Dougherty County Schools Spokesperson.

Incoming freshman can pick up their schedules starting July 19th and upper class members may begin picking up their class schedules on Wednesday, July 20th.

All upperclassmen going to the 10th thru 12th can go pick up their schedules tomorrow July 20th.

Also parents open house for all schools is Sunday July 31. And don't forget school begins Monday, August 1st in Dougherty County.

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