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Gas prices affect drivers’ spending

Average retail gasoline prices in Georgia have risen 6.7 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.66 per gallon. That's 11 cents higher than a month ago.

Brian Murphy jokes about when the gas prices goes up, he has to make some pretty tough decisions.

"It adds up. We've got four kids, so every now and then we have to choose between one of them. One of them might not eat that week," said Murphy.

Like many drivers, Murphy is feeling the pain at the pump. It takes over $70 to fill up his SUV, which he fills up two to three times a week.

We even found one driver who paid almost $200 to fill up his tank.

Murphy says he has to cut back on his summer plans.

"We have to pick and choose between family vacations, you know? Are we going to spend $200 to go here or $200 to go here? It adds up and takes a toll on the plans," said Murphy.

The Murphy USA, on Ledo Road, prices have jumped more than 30 cents within the past two weeks.

Before the 4th of July you could have gotten a gallon of regular unleaded gas for $3.26 when you used your Walmart card.

One driver told us she had to switch her spending habits at the pump to combat high prices.

"Well I just fill my car up when it gets to about half a tank, that way it's only $20 versus the $45 I just spent on a whole tank," said Olivia Grandits.

Murphy just wants prices to come back down so he won't have to pay double for his car.

"A lot of times we have to stop and I have to check my bank account to make sure it's OK to basically put a car payment into a car. It's pretty rough."

If you do plan to go on a summer trip here are a couple of tips to save gas: Make sure your tires are properly inflated, turn off the air conditioner and drive at a constant speed, ideally around 60 miles per hour.

This time last year, gas was $1.10 cheaper this it is right now.

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