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Shooting victim crashes car on the way to the hospital

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COLQUITT COUNTY, GA (WALB) - A weekend shooting turned into car crash Saturday evening in Moultrie. A man was shot in the arm and wrecked on his way to the hospital.

Now investigators are questioning the triggerman. Moultrie Police believe drugs were involved. They say people were out on the street near 3rd avenue Southwest and 9th street Southwest when the victim was struck.

Police rushed to the Moultrie neighborhood after 25-year-old Demario Myers suffered a gunshot wound to his arm around 7:00 Saturday night. Investigators say his dad drove him to the hospital. On his way, he lost control of his car and crashed at South Gate Homes on South Main Street.

One neighbor came out his door and saw where he wrecked in the grass.

" I thought someone ran off the road," said Buddy McCoy. "I had no idea there was a shooting." 

Police found marijuana near the scene. Myers was arrested last August for probation violation on marijuana charges. Police also found drugs at the scene of the shooting.

Moultrie Police Investigator, Alfonso Cook, says those shots ended at a home on the corner of 3rd avenue and 9th street.

Police arrested 30-year-old John Strong and 22-year Larry Anderson on separate drug charges.  Police have labeled them as suspects in the shooting.  People on that street did not want to talk on camera.

"Witnesses have not come forward and the victim has not been forward with us," said Investigator Cook.

With multiple crime scenes and little information from witnesses, investigators will continue to question the two suspects.

Police are still investigating the two suspects who were arrested for marijuana possession. They bonded out at $600.

We spoke to several neighbors in the area who say gunfire is not uncommon. One door was shot at earlier this week.