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Irwinville citizens aim to protect their post office at town meeting

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People of Irwinville consider their post office as a cornerstone for the community a place for seeing friends and family as well as their public library, when citizens got wind of the potential closing of the facility they are beginning to take action.

A town meeting with a representative from the U.S. Post office was called to discuss the future of the building.

Due to current economic conditions the US Post office has cut back on hiring and the amount of active locations.

Locations without a postmaster like Irwinville are highest on the list to shut down, but not only will they lose their post office but their postal code as well.

Local citizen Jackie Benson says, "That's our identity we were here long before many others and like I said Irwinville dates back to 1818".

Angela Timmons the temporary postmaster from Fitzgerald says that the office is a pleasure to work in, but she encourages the community to send in letters of concern.

Timmons says," Their comments in writing are very important they need to let their voice be heard and make sure they document everything because documentation is going to tell the story"

A plan that the community has already began to rally together for with future letter writing campaigns.

The option of creating a private local business owned Village Post Office was offered as a suggestion from the Post office but the town will only consider this as a last resort.