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What would you do if you won the lottery?


 A Sylvester electrician didn't have to think twice. 41-year-old Brian Crawley won $400,000  in a Fantasy 5 drawing using a lottery ticket he bought from a gas station in Isabella. Then he made a beeline to the bank.

Every day before Brian Crawley goes into work, he stops at the Shiba Food store in Isabella, and buys a lottery ticket, and every time, he plays the same exact numbers. He's been doing that for the past six years. Those numbers finally paid off.

Crawley says Thursday was one of the best days of his life. 'She said 'Oh my God, Brian you have hit fantasy five.' I was shaking," he said.

Not only was it his 21st wedding anniversary, but it was the day he finally hit the jackpot. "I came around the corner picked her up,  ran out in the parking lot,  ran around the gas pumps,  the man pumping gas he didn't know what to do. He's been playing the lottery every day for the past six years.

every day, every day on his way to work and he gets the same fantasy five tickets And every day, he plays the exact same numbers.

"He is always fussing at us I'm going to quit coming in here you never sell me a winning ticket. But they finally did," said Cherita Newell, store manager of Shiba Food Store in Isabella.

"I was going to play till those certain numbers hit,  and they hit, Brian found out his numbers had won him more than $400,000. "As soon as I got the money, this is the first thing I went and bought. I went and bought this truck."

Friends say they are thrilled for Brian and his family.

"I've seen that child work two jobs to make his ends meet for his wife and children and he'd look so tired,  and he says I got to pay my bills and feed my family," said Newell.

"At least now he is not going to worry what to do at the end of the month, at least now he can do it," said Brian's mother Brenda Crosby. He doesn't plan on retiring anytime soon. He says he'll continue working as an electrician, and his wife will continue working at Fred's. 

The Store manager estimates that Crawley has spent more than three thousand dollars on lottery tickets in the past six years, which is a pretty good investment, considering all the money he has now. 

Brian Crawley plans to pay off his two homes, buy his wife a new car, and put the rest in the bank for his kids.

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