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Home schooling trend grows

An increasing number of children are being home schooled. Friday dozens of families went to an introduction meeting, to learn more about home schooling in Albany.

The parents say they want better education and higher values for their kids than public schools offer. And the CRCT scandal in Dougherty County schools may have been the final straw.

Kim Breeden will homeschool her 8-year-old daughter Olivia and 5-year-old son Owen this year. "We have decided to home school the kids because we did not think that the public school was living up to their potential. So we thought we could do better and challenge them more at home,"  Breeden said

Breeden was just one of the new parents learning more about the Southwest Georgia Homeschool Association.  "We have more and more new people come out. Our group as well as other groups we are affiliated with. We have seen very much a growth in Homeschooling," said Southwest Georgia Homeschool Association Public Relations Manager Tifani Eledge.

Most parents we talked to said they want better than what the public schools provide. "Parents are responsible for educating their children. And so this is an indication that parents take more and more seriously the opportunity and the responsibility to educate their children," said Homeschool Parent Mary Ligon.

Homeschoolers have to take national standardized tests every three years. Many parents said they are not concerned about cheating to pass a test. They are concerned about their child receiving a well rounded education they will retain, and teaching them why you don't cheat. 

 "People are trying to get back to their traditional value system, that is being turned away from in the school system right now,"  Eledge said.

 Breeden says she is not surprised to see so many new home schooling families. "No. She had three in her class just last year that were going to home school."

This homeschool association has been around for 26 years, and they say they are seeing an increase every year in new families joining them. 

On average the Southwest Georgia Homeschool Association says they have 150 families take part in their common education programs. They expect more this year. The Association's annual planning meeting to start the school year will be held August 5th at 2PM at the Beattie Road Church of Christ.  You can learn more about the Southwest Georgia Homeschool Association at their website.


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